How to ionize water

Biogmagnetic essentials


With respect to magnetism, the magnetic characteristics of water transform it into a really wonderful fluid.  It can absorb all the therapeutic potentialities of magnetism, and channel them towards healing. It should be noted that the physical and chemical characteristics of water are modified by magnetic induction. Water treated with magnetic fields is useful to prevent premature aging, to treat dehydrated tissues, rejuvenate, revitalize, facilitate biochemical reactions in the body, and to help in treatments of diseases. Although it is very common to call water treated with magnetic fields “magnetized water”, it must be clarified that it does not retain the property of attracting magnetic materials such as iron. However, water does acquire ionization properties, so we could call it ionized water.
It promotes general health and vitality. Nutrients are absorbed more efficiently in the body. It detoxifies and removes acid from the body more effective. It is helpful to kill stomach acid. It helps to quickly overcome the effects of drinking alcoholic beverages (hangovers). Polarized water is applied to an infinity of aliments, among which to be mentioned. The dilution of calcium and cholesterol deposits lodged in the arteries and restoring the elasticity of the tissue. The dissolution of vesicular stones, allowing clearance through natural excretory pathways. The relief of rheumatic and some ailments, such as gout. Urinary and digestive problems and the full range of gynecological conditions. External applications, such as conjunctivitis, otitis, wounds, etc. Not only can water be polarized, other fluids such as milk, juices, and massage oils can be processed in the same way. It should be noted that polarized is not instantaneous, like most shock or immediate therapy, action is slow and continuous. People will begin to notice the improvements after three weeks.
Other properties
It boils and cools faster due to its high thermal conductivity. Tea, coffee, and soups substantially improve its flavor. Water, as well as many other fluids, whether taken or externally applied, can be easily magnetized. It is absorbed quickly in your body causing rapid hydration and oxygenation. It is ideal to be taken before, during, and after a great physical or mental effort (invaluable for athletes and students). In addition to all the advantages already mentioned there is another powerful reason to consume this wonderful alkaline water: “Cancer does not survive in alkaline cells”. This discovery was recognized with the Nobel Prize in medicine to the Dr. Otto Warburg. He showed that cancer can not develop in alkaline or oxygenated cells but only in anaerobic cells (which do not receive oxygen). All cancer cells are always acidic and healthy cells and alkaline. In such a way that by providing alkalinity (excess oxygen) to the body’s cells, many experts suggest that the alkaline water can prevent cancer.
Preparation methods
A simple and economical way to treat water consists of three steps: Place the ionized water in a glass container, place the glass of ionized water on top of the negative pole side of a magnet, then let it sit for at least 5 minutes, if possible a little more time is better. With regard to the doses, a differentiation should be made between the treatments of children and adults. When beginning the treatment, follow the recommended dosing.  Children can be given 15 ml one time a day while adults can take 250 ml three times a day  (after your body has grown accustom, you can double the doses). The frequency of doses, however, can be increased according to the severity of the condition. In cases of painful reactions, or acute blood poisoning, for example, a frequency of one dose every two hours is recommended.
Water with north polarity
Water with a north polarity slows down or suppresses the growth and activity of bacteria, viruses, fungi, tumors, and all forms of infections. Another application is if the water is warm, it can be used and as energetic restorative. It is recommended for use in the cases of: typhoid fever, measles, chickenpox, smallpox, urinary infections, and blood poisoning. This water also has preventative properties, especially against influenza strains. It can also be used for bad breath and as a mouthwash against all kinds of infections and pains in the mouth, gums, and throat. Other applications of water with north polarity are: for children’s parasites and for eye infections, especially when redness and swelling of the eye membranes are noted.
Water with south polarity
Water with a south polarity activates growth and bacterial activity. It should not be used in infectious cases. The main use of the application is for muscle weakness.
Mixed or bipolar water
The administration of bipolar magnetized water should be done only in general cases. It is used to increase organic resistance and to energetically fortify healthy people. It can also be recommended for various conditions that can not be easily framed within the indications for unipolar waters. In specialized literature, mixed water is generally related to rheumatic joint infections and gout. It is an active restorative, and people who use it after a big activity of effort usually recover faster with it and are also stronger and rejuvenated.
I am not a medical professional. The information collected here is from different bio magnetic therapists. We do not prescribe or suggest that you stop any current medication. The use of this information is solely your responsibility.